Posted by Sierra Madre Girls Softball Association on Mar 03 2017 at 08:30AM PST in Spring 2017

Good morning and happy Opening Day Eve SMGSA families! This is a very important message pertaining to Opening Day so in an effort to make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle, I’m going to outline how the morning festivities will work.

To begin, opening ceremonies commence at 9am at Heasley Field so ALL players should arrive no later than 8:45. We have assigned each team a number and location in which to meet at. Those numbers and locations are:
Left Field area near the bullpen:
Red Devils – 2
Attitude – 4
Shockwave – 6
Battitude – 8
Dolphins (10U) – 10
Blue Bombers – 12
Twisted Tornadoes – 14
Purple Panthers – 16
Electric Eels – 18
Pretty in Pink – 20
Purple Lightning – 22
Dolphins (6U) – 24
Right Field area near the Green SMGSA storage bin:
Blue Lightning (14U) – 1
Llamas – 3
S.W.A.T. – 5
Fire Storm – 7
Blizzards – 9
Flamethrowers – 11
Lucky Clovers – 13
Pink Starburst – 15
Red Fireballs – 17
Blue Lightning (8U) – 19
Dodger Dogs – 21
Gators – 23
Phoenix Fire – 25
All players should look for and check in with their team managers in these areas when they arrive. Those players on team Attitude should check in with Coach Marty and those on the Blue Bombers should check in with Coach Sheridan.

Opening festivities should be over by 10am and the first games of the day will start. However, throughout the morning, team pictures will be occurring. The league is providing each player with a 3×5 individual player photo, a 5×7 team photo, a photo button and 4 wallet sized player photos. Additional photo’s can be ordered from the attached order form. If you have a copy already, you are in good shape. If you don’t, please print out the form. Every player must turn in a filled out order form to the photographer, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ordering additional photos. Photo’s will take approximately 20 minutes and every team has a photo appointment. Teams should meet next to the SMGSA green storage shed in right field no later than 5 minutes before their scheduled photo time. Teams and photo times are:
8am – Dolphins (6U) & Phoenix Fire
8:15am – Blizzards & Battitude
8:30am – Dodger Dogs & Gators
10am – Blue Lightning (8U) & Dolphins (10U)
10:15am – Llamas & Flamethrowers
10:30am – Blue Bombers & Purple Lightning
10:45am – Pretty in Pink & Red Fireballs
11am – Electric Eels & Fire Storm
11:15am – Shockwave & Pink Starburst
11:30am – Purple Panthers & S.W.A.T.
11:45am – Attitude & Lucky Clovers
12pm – Twisted Tornadoes & Red Devils
12:15pm – Blue Lightning (14U)

The SMGSA Diner will open at 8am and will be selling donuts, coffee & hot chocolate. We still have a few booth spots open at our opening day carnival. If you can spare an hour to help out run a booth, we would be very appreciative. Here is the link to see what is still left:

All managers are in possession of the uniforms which have not been distributed to players as of yet. If the manager is going to give the uniform to the player at opening ceremonies, please make sure you are on time so there is plenty of time to change.

Lastly, and this is a heads up for next weekend. The Wistaria Festival is next Sunday, March 12th. This will close the downtown Sierra Madre area to motor traffic including Sierra Madre Blvd west of Lima. If you traveling to Heasley Field from the south next Sunday, it would be best to come up Santa Anita and head west on Sierra Madre Blvd instead of using Baldwin.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors for SMGSA, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and thank you for doing your part in making our association the premier girls softball league in the western San Gabriel Valley.

We’ll see you out on the field!