SMGSA Update & Happenings

Posted by Sierra Madre Girls Softball Association on Mar 19 2017 at 08:58AM PDT in Spring 2017

Hi everybody and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful Sunday!

We have received our final shipment of SMGSA apparel from our supplier and it is available to be picked up from Heasley Field today if you placed a pre-order. If you haven’t, don’t fret, we have updated the website to reflect all of our current inventory so feel free to order from there and then pick it up today at Heasley Field. Please bring your receipt with you if possible. We have added the SMGSA Beanie and Pullover Hoodie but quantities are limited. We will have a table set up outside the diner today for anyone looking to pick up pre-ordered apparel or purchase from our remaining stock.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had a small issue with lights at Jefferson Park in Pasadena. After the first instance, we spoke with the City of Pasadena and they assured us that it would rectified. We understand it happened again last night. We send along our sincerely apologies to those families in last nights 7pm game and will again contact the appropriate people at the City first thing Monday morning, this time with a bit more pep-in-our-step and a side order of gusto!

A reminder that in two weeks, our diner sign-ups will end and those families that did not sign up will forfeit their deposit. The link to the sign up page is here:
There are just under 40 spaces left so sign up ASAP. Also a reminder about the diner, please make sure you report for your shift 10 minutes in advance so that a smooth transition can occur. See our diner manager, Yvette Gilbert, when you arrive. Those parents that fail to show for the shift they signed up for automatically forfeit their diner deposit. We appreciate your help with the SMGSA diner!

Lastly, a little request for some help in leaving our fields trash free. After all games, please do not forget to throw away any trash that you may have accumulated. The spectator areas definitely take a beating every Sunday and while the City of Sierra Madre is gracious enough to provide all youth sport programs these fields at no charge, we want to make sure it doesn’t cost them extra to come in and clean up after us as well. It sets a very good example for our kids and shows the City how much pride we have in these parks. We appreciate all families helping out with this.

Hope to see you all out at the field today! :)